Learn Finnish at home

You want to study Finnish? A list of websites available for you to study Finnish independently. The list has been compiled by the Multicultural Association of Satakunta.

An advert with Finnish women on it. Kivikylän Kotipalvaamo


Koti Suomessa
You can study Finnish yourself on the Home in Finland website. There is also information about Finnish working life and society.

Donnerwetter – suomen opiskelua englanniksi, saksaksi, ranskaksi ja bulgariaksi
Study Finnish in English, German, French and Bulgarian.

Digital dialects – suomen opiskelua englanniksi, ranskaksi ja japaniksi
Study Finnish in English, French and Japanese.

Suomi-englanti – sanastotestejä
On this page you can learn Finnish words using English.

Euro Mobil – suomen opiskelua eri kielillä
You can study Finnish on this page with the help of these languages: Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Czech, German, English, French, Hungarian. You need to download a program from the site that allows you to study Finnish.

Suomen kielioppia englanniksi
On this page you can study Finnish grammar in English.

Suomen kielestä englanniksi
The site contains information about the Finnish language in English.


Ylen sivut suomen opiskeluun
Yle’s website has Finnish training in Finnish and English. You can study Finnish at different levels of competence on Yle’s website. YLE is a government owned media source.

Verbix – suomen verbejä englanniksi
You can study Finnish verbs in English on the website.


Kuuntele suomen eri murteita
On the website you can listen to dialects and spoken languages from all over Finland.

The author ‘s ABC – information and learning material for writing in Finnish. On the website you can study how to write good text in Finnish. This page can also help when writing a job application.

Verkkokielioppi – suomen äänteet, muodot ja lauseet
On the website, you can study Finnish phonetics, form, and sentence theory.

Ammattisanastoja eri ammatteihin
The site has vocabularies related to some professions in different languages.

Other materials

Selkosanomat – suomen harjoitustehtäviä suomeksi
The website contains exercises in Finnish in Finnish. You can also read news written in an easy way.

Ylen selkouutiset
On the website you can read and listen to news in plain language. With the help of the news, you can study Finnish.

Suomen kielestä englanniksi
The site contains information about the Finnish language in English.

Source: The Multicultural Association of Satakunta

Kansalaisopistot.fi has a number of online courses. Please check out here.

Finnish courses at the Rauman Kansalaisopisto adult education center

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