Population structure

This is interesting data.

What do people do in the Satakunta area (Rauma is just one of the towns in Satakunta, which makes up about 1/5 of the total population)?

40 percent of local Finns and 46 percent of local foreigners go to work.
21 percent of Finns study. 26 percent of foreigners in Satakunta spend time studying (maybe some came as exchange students).

Every third Finn is retired. We need more young people to work and pay taxes. Finland needs a foreign workforce.

Not so many foreigners are retired. Yet.

Out of the foreigners who live in Satakunta, 8 percent have not found a job. The percentage is 4 with Finns.

Rauma open-air pool

Rauma open-air pool (or Makis as we call it in Rauma) was my favorite place last summer. The water is always 26 degrees regardless of the weather.

It cost us 3x 6 eur to visit the pool, me and 2 kids. We put on swimsuits at home and left straight with the car in wet suits, to get home fast. Small kids are always hungry, aren’t they.

This year it will cost 3×8 eur and I hope my 7-year-old will manage a longer time. Last summer he sat on the bench watching, lips blue, most of the time (usually an hour or less).

Kids under 3 are free of charge and a 10 times ticket costs 70 euros.

If you want to pay less, they have the „no- sunshine times“ of 9-11 o’clock and 18 – 20 o’clock times for 6 euros. And an adult swim from 22 – 1.30 o’clock for 8 euros. I hope K18+ people are not too drunk to swim 😊

The pool belongs to the town and someone else operates it every year. This year the price includes a sauna. They have nice shower rooms and a kiosk to buy food. Some families „lived“ on the poolside the whole day, bringing pizzas from town now and then.

Website of the pool
Their Facebook page

Lakeside saunas of Rauma

The city of Rauma has seven lakeside saunas, which are open for public during the summertime, from June to August. The saunas are also available for rent. The saunas of Lappi and Kaljasjärvi are usually available for rent all year round.

Tenhonperä lakeside sauna

The opening times and fees

Lakeside sauna of Kaljasjärvi – (Kodisjoki)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 16-20.
Fee 2 € /adult and 1 €/ children.

Lakeside sauna of Mantereenpää (in Sorka)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 15-19.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna on Noitajärvi (Vermuntila)
Tuesday and Thursday 18- 21 and Sunday 14-18
Fee 2 eur

Lakeside sauna of Lillonkari (in Unaja)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 16-20.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna of Pitkäjärvi (in Vasarainen)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-20.30 Sunday at 14-18.
Free of charge.
Rent 60 eur and weekends 90 eur

Lakeside sauna of Tenhonperä (in Kortela)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-20.30 Sunday at 14-16.30.
Free of charge.
(Rent for private use is 50 eur/time)

Lakeside sauna of Narvijärvi in Lappi, Puusauna – this sauna has an outdoor hot tub (More info)
Monday-Friday at 16-22, Saturday and Sunday 14-22
Fee 7  € / adult and 4 € / child

Source of this text: rauma.fi

Beach sauna in Lappi, called Puusauna

A list of other saunas in Rauma!

The most well-known is Löylymestari in Syväraumanlahti near the small yacht harbor.
The mixed sauna is spacious, and it can accommodate approximately 40-50 bathers at a time. There are separate dressing and shower rooms for women and men. Beverages can be bought from the cashier. There is a spacious jacuzzi and a hot tub on the terrace (available on request) and from the dock you can go to swim. During the winter time, there is a hole in the ice for winter swimming.

Swimming pool of the Johtola sauna.

A sauna with a pool at Johtola
This unique milieu has the atmosphere of cartridge time. The sauna can accommodate up to 10 persons. The sauna also has a large swimming pool. Sauna catering can be ordered when making a sauna reservation.

Rauma Lace Week 23-31.07.2022

Rauma lace week program has not been translated yet, but the most important day is the lace night on Friday.

The program can be seen in Finnish at https://www.pitsiviikko.fi/ohjelma/.

Throughout the event, every day from 10.00–18.00, the house owners of old Rauma open their yards for the public to see. About 30 yards. Some sell second-hand clothes and antiques.

The opening of the lace exhibition takes place on Sat 27th at Poselli at 11.30 o’clock.

The galleries of artists are open the whole week;  also Kerttu Horila opens the doors to her studio at Länsikatu 7 from 11-17!

A new art project – floating island, sponsored by Lönnström museum, can be seen from Fafanga beach at Otanlahti beach park.

And this was the first day, Saturday 27.7. Too much to go through and translate. Please use the magic button of Google Translate to read the rest of the program 😉

Have a Fika – the mandatory coffee break

Have you been to a workplace, where people sit down for a coffee and chat at certain times of the day? At one place it was always at 11 and 13 o’clock. At another office it happened randomly. A colleague would pass your door and call you for a break.

Feels embarrassing to be paid for this time, but this is part of the work culture!

Fika is the act of “stopping everything to sit down for a cup of coffee” for about a 15-45 minute break.  The purpose of fika is to take time away from your work to enjoy the company of coworkers by sharing your time with them while enjoying coffee and treats. This is a great way to break up the day and make sure that you are enjoying what really matters, which is interacting with other people. 

Now, unfortunately, working from remote we can not fika and this affects our happiness, doesn’t it?

Source: There’s Always Time For Fika
BBC Worklife: Is this the sweet secret to Swedish success?

What to do in Rauma? Where to go in Rauma?

Rauma is a small town in Finland, but there are quite many activities if you know where to search for them!

The best in terms of money are the activities organized by the Adult Education Center of Rauma, but these are mostly in Finnish.

Hence I made a list for you.



Rauma swimming hall

Winter swimming outside


Salsa courses
1. on Thursdays
2. on Saturdays

Belly dance courses with an English speaking teacher Beverley Griffiths

Free times at the sports hall and ice hall can be found here. No fee.
https://www.rauma.fi/vapaa-aika-ja-liikunta/liikunta/yleisovuorot/ (ilman mailaa means skating without a hockey stick)

Stadium for indoor sports (running, football etc)

SPECIAL SPORTS ACTIVITIES (diving, martial arts, wrestling, cheerleading etc)

Please ask the club if the course is available in English



This is a very Finnish hobby, in addition to ice hockey.
Maybe your Finnish friend can teach you.


There are several places. The hobby is very famous among Finnish girls.


Guitar courses


Art courses with Nikolay Nikolov or Kirsi Kuusisto can be taught in English as well

Really cheap handicraft, sewing, ceramics, arts, yoga courses in Finnish, but some of the courses you can manage without speaking too much. Rauma Adult Education Center is the organizer.

Winter activities

Ice skating with or without a hockey stick
Swimming outdoors

I made a list of places https://raumaguide.travel.blog/2021/01/19/winter-fun-in-rauma/

Places for skating will be updated here

Places to ski will be updated here

Places to swim in the cold water


Usually, you can rent a skateboard and a helmet, but there might be some changes due to corona
https://www.nuortenrauma.fi/nuorisopalvelut/nuorisotoiminta/nuorisotilat/skeittihalli/ – in the house
The outside skateboarding place is in Pyynpää. Direction Lidl. Near the stadium and the children’s playground and adult open-air gym.

All of the museum of Rauma are listed here (with pictures)

The one and only in Rauma


If you have to buy second-hand sports equipment, check out these flea markets (also online)

The best way to be physically active in Rauma is to bike around places 😉 and bikes you can buy for about 50 euros. Nb! You see many bikes on the streets, but don’t take these. People rush to the bus and leave those wherever they are. Finland is a safe place.

Enjoy your stay in Rauma!
written by Kairi Rintanen

Rauma is a Christmas town

Rauma wooden old town is pretty with its Christmas decorations, shops and cafes at Christmas time. Do you know the old town of 28 hectares has 150 small businesses, including shops, cafes and beauty salons?

Come to make your Christmas shopping in Rauma.

The town has come up with its Christmas lace sweater pattern that you can download for free from here.

My Kortela – Monna village association organizes a Christmas event on Dec 9th from 17.30-19.30 at Tenhonperä beach sauna yard.

We have Christmas music, gingerbread and a forest route for kids. Sign up for the free event here.

More events will soon be registered to the town’s website.

Rauma Lace Week 2021

Rauma 51th lace week takes place 17.07-25.7, 2021.
The program can be seen here.

There are free concerts in the yard of the Rauma Art Museum , but you have to book a ticket here.

People living in the old town will open their yards and some will have a flea market. (News in Finnish)

The international market with sales booths on 2 streets will be open from 24.7-27.7. (News in Finnish)

Rauma Lace Week is the most important event of the year.


The village of old houses in Turku

In Rauma we have Kirsti house museum from the 1750ies, but in Turku we have a number of such houses in a museum area called Luostarinmäki. This area was untouched by the big fire of Turku in the beginning of 1800ies.

When I put on my sailor’s wives clothes ( to guide you through 1860-1900), I can say that I feel at home in Luostarinmäki handicrafts museum. 😉

I want to talk about life 150 years ago. I talk as if I am from there. How do I feed my family, when my husband is on sea for many years in a row? How do I take care of kids and the household, while having to earn money at the same time?

The 16 beaches of Rauma

16 public beaches of Rauma, that are good to swim and where the water quality will be tested frequently.

Otanlahti beach

The first beach, that probably comes to your mind, is Otanlahti beach between Poroholma camping site and the new outdoor poolside Makis (on the picture above).

The so called EU beaches, where the number of visitors might reach over 100 persons on a hot summer day:

  • Bergström lake, Monnankatu 32, Rauma
  • Saharanna beach, Purjehtijankatu 26, Rauma
  • Otanlahti beach, Suvitie 2, Rauma – not suggested for swimming
  • Lappi beach, Ruonantie 319, Lappi

Smaller public beaches:

  • Kaarojärven rantasauna (Kaarojärvi sauna beach), Kaarojärventie 109, Kaaro
  • Kaljasjärven rantasauna(Kaljasjärvi sauna beach), Kaljasjärventie 135, Kodisjoki
  • Lillonkarin rantasauna (Lillonkari sauna beach), Lillonkarintie 57 A, Unaja
  • Mantereenpään rantasauna (Mantereenpää sauna beach), Puuluntie 388 B, Kaaro
  • Noitajärven rantasauna (Noitajärvi sauna beach), Noitajärventie 80, Vermuntila
  • Pitkäjärven rantasauna (Pitkäjärvi sauna beach), Kuusmontie 13, Vasarainen
  • Tenhonperän rantasauna (Tenhonperä sauna beach), Santperäntie 88, Kortela
  • Löylymestarin uimaranta (Löylymestari swim area), Suvitie 14, Rauma
  • Narvin kesäkodin uimaranta (Narvi summerhouse beach area), Kesäkodinpolk 238, Lappi
  • Merikylpylän uimaranta (Merikylpylä beach), Suvitie, Rauma
  • Poroholma camping site beach, Poroholmantie 8, Rauma
  • Seurakunnan kesäkodin uimaranta (the beach of the parish summer home; the one where kids play at summer time), Kesäkodintie 28, Rauma
Syviksen Kayakki rents out kayaks at Saharanta beach.

But I personally like the Yyteri white sand beach the most! It is a 70km ride towards Pori.

One option is to check where Yyteri Kylpylä address takes you (the upper spot om map), but a better place is positioning your car map til the Yyteri camping site (Yyterinsantojentie 1, 28840 Yyteri) and passing it until there is a parking place at the end of street.

Parking is free, but always full starting from midday. You see a hamburger kiosk and a toilet. But at the beach side is an ice cream bar (to the right) and modern free toilets and a shower to the left. Few changing booths.
If you take the right hand sidewalk up the mountain, you pass a small lake before getting to the sea. This might be a better option on a windy day.

Enjoy the summer!

Yyteri beach

and lakes are an option ..
you wish you could jump right from the hot sauna into the not so hot lake water (read about the beach side sauna options in Rauma)

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