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Lakeside saunas of Rauma

The city of Rauma has seven lakeside saunas, which are open for public during the summertime, from June to August. The saunas are also available for rent. The saunas of Lappi and Kaljasjärvi are usually available for rent all year round.

Tenhonperä lakeside sauna

The opening times and fees

Lakeside sauna of Kaljasjärvi – (Kodisjoki)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 16-20.
Fee 2 € /adult and 1 €/ children.

Lakeside sauna of Mantereenpää (in Sorka)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 15-19.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna on Noitajärvi (Vermuntila)
Tuesday and Thursday 18- 21 and Sunday 14-18
Fee 2 eur

Lakeside sauna of Lillonkari (in Unaja)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-21 Sunday at 16-20.
Free of charge.

Lakeside sauna of Pitkäjärvi (in Vasarainen)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-20.30 Sunday at 14-18.
Free of charge.
Rent 60 eur and weekends 90 eur

Lakeside sauna of Tenhonperä (in Kortela)
Tuesday and Thursday at 18-20.30 Sunday at 14-16.30.
Free of charge.
(Rent for private use is 50 eur/time)

Lakeside sauna of Narvijärvi in Lappi, Puusauna – this sauna has an outdoor hot tub (More info)
Monday-Friday at 16-22, Saturday and Sunday 14-22
Fee 7  € / adult and 4 € / child

Source of this text: rauma.fi

Beach sauna in Lappi, called Puusauna

A list of other saunas in Rauma!

The most well-known is Löylymestari in Syväraumanlahti near the small yacht harbor.
The mixed sauna is spacious, and it can accommodate approximately 40-50 bathers at a time. There are separate dressing and shower rooms for women and men. Beverages can be bought from the cashier. There is a spacious jacuzzi and a hot tub on the terrace (available on request) and from the dock you can go to swim. During the winter time, there is a hole in the ice for winter swimming.

Swimming pool of the Johtola sauna.

A sauna with a pool at Johtola
This unique milieu has the atmosphere of cartridge time. The sauna can accommodate up to 10 persons. The sauna also has a large swimming pool. Sauna catering can be ordered when making a sauna reservation.