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Rauma open-air pool

Rauma open-air pool (or Makis as we call it in Rauma) was my favorite place last summer. The water is always 26 degrees regardless of the weather.

It cost us 3x 6 eur to visit the pool, me and 2 kids. We put on swimsuits at home and left straight with the car in wet suits, to get home fast. Small kids are always hungry, aren’t they.

This year it will cost 3×8 eur and I hope my 7-year-old will manage a longer time. Last summer he sat on the bench watching, lips blue, most of the time (usually an hour or less).

Kids under 3 are free of charge and a 10 times ticket costs 70 euros.

If you want to pay less, they have the „no- sunshine times“ of 9-11 o’clock and 18 – 20 o’clock times for 6 euros. And an adult swim from 22 – 1.30 o’clock for 8 euros. I hope K18+ people are not too drunk to swim 😊

The pool belongs to the town and someone else operates it every year. This year the price includes a sauna. They have nice shower rooms and a kiosk to buy food. Some families „lived“ on the poolside the whole day, bringing pizzas from town now and then.

Website of the pool
Their Facebook page

We are the Champions!

Rauma, although a small town, has its own professional ice hockey team called Lukko (“lock” in English)! And Rauma’s icehockey team is the best in Finland!

On May 11th, 2021 the citizens of Rauma went crazy, as Lukko won the Finnish men’s ice hockey Championship Series for the first time in 58 years. The one and only gold medal before came in 1963.

Lukko beat TPS of Turku 6-2 in the fourth match of the final series. In 1963 they beat Tampere’s Tappara.

To avoid people from gathering in the city center, the champions drove around the city to greet their fans. Video by

According to head coach Pekka Virta he had been building the team for four years with a focus on each player understanding their own role as well as the team’s culture, broadcaster C More reported. The good shape of the players was not a surprise.

“Our game was in good shape after last season, so we were able to invest in team spirit,” Virta said.

The coach spent 27 days in intensive care earlier that year after contracting coronavirus, and missed nearly two months of work in the lead up to the play-off series.

Although gatherings were prohibited due to corona restrictions in town, the town was full of joyful people. Many without a mask on the streets of old Rauma and on the rooftop of Tifosi pub. Bars and pubs were crowded and masks were not worn there either. The doctors of Rauma are worried .

Photo by

You ask what Rauma men do on Wednesdays or Saturdays (the days before corona was introduced)? They go watch the game or take their kids to play ice hockey.

What do women do? Well, every 7th Rauma person participates at the art and handicraft courses of the local Adult Education Center Rauman Kansalaisopisto. Most of the fans of the fine arts are women.

Lukko plays in the Finnish Liiga, the top tier of Finnish ice hockey.

The club was founded in 1936 as the Rauma Wood saw mill’s league. The home icehall is Kivikylä Areena, which has a capacity of 4700 spectators.

Since 2011, Lukko has had a team in the Women’s Baseball Championship League (Superpesis).

Lukko shop

The calender of Lukko icehockey games

Winter fun in Rauma

The many ice rinks to skate in Rauma are:
Raumanmeren tekojää, Pyynpäänkatu 27 (artificial ice)
Otanlahti, Urheilukatu 17
Lähdepelto, Kodisjoentie 91
Lappi, Kirkkotie 6
Uotila, Sippolankuja 2
Vähämaanpuisto, Kanavakatu
Pohjoiskehän koulu, Pohjoiskehä 14

The places to ski (check out its condition and the style here)
Lähdepelto 2,9 km
Talvialho in Lappi town 2,9 km
Pyytjärvi 3,5 km
the ski route on the golf area 3km (which actually has slides too)
The ski routes have lights on at Lähdepelto, Pyytjärvi and Lappi on workdays from 6 to 22 and weekends from 8 til 22 o’clock.

I doubt that foreigners are interested in swimming in an ice cold water, but the 3 saunas that provide such an opportunity are
1. Kisaranta sauna at Purjehtijankatu 2
2. Meriristi sauna at Varhontie 14
3. Narvijärvi Puusaun wooden sauna at Ruonantie 319 in Lappi

See the schedules here

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My favorite places to sledge down the hill is at the so called Lensu hill (near Viherkäine flower shop, if you drive towards the Äyhönjärvi lake).
The city’s official sledging hills are located in Pyytjärvi (the parking lot at Metsähdentie) and Lähdepello.

All of the sledge hills of Rauma (according to the kid’s events’ Facebook page ) are
1. There is a big hill next to Lensu’s old school. Parking space on Lensunkalliontie. (on my picture)
2. In Kappelinluhta at the intersection of Hirvitie and Luoteisväylä. No parking spaces.
3. Behind Suvitie street R-kiosk.
4. There is a small hill in the Paroalho playground.
5. There is a small hill in the middle of the Lajo apartment building area
6. There is a big and steep hill at Syvärauma.
7. There is a hill next to the Lotanpello playground (Nallepuisto) in Kappelinluhta
8. Slope next to Lonsi field- Nyberg Park
9. In the ruins of the old Rauma church towards Catherine’s Park
10. A small hill in Sinisaari Park

Please keep an eye on your children. Sometimes snow piles are only for a short time use before tractor comes to remove these. The driver might not see your kids in the snow. They may also drown in a soft hill.

Enjoy the free sports of this wonderful winter!