Rauma open-air pool

Rauma open-air pool (or Makis as we call it in Rauma) was my favorite place last summer. The water is always 26 degrees regardless of the weather.

It cost us 3x 6 eur to visit the pool, me and 2 kids. We put on swimsuits at home and left straight with the car in wet suits, to get home fast. Small kids are always hungry, aren’t they.

This year it will cost 3×8 eur and I hope my 7-year-old will manage a longer time. Last summer he sat on the bench watching, lips blue, most of the time (usually an hour or less).

Kids under 3 are free of charge and a 10 times ticket costs 70 euros.

If you want to pay less, they have the „no- sunshine times“ of 9-11 o’clock and 18 – 20 o’clock times for 6 euros. And an adult swim from 22 – 1.30 o’clock for 8 euros. I hope K18+ people are not too drunk to swim 😊

The pool belongs to the town and someone else operates it every year. This year the price includes a sauna. They have nice shower rooms and a kiosk to buy food. Some families „lived“ on the poolside the whole day, bringing pizzas from town now and then.

Website of the pool
Their Facebook page

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