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Winter fun in Rauma

The many ice rinks to skate in Rauma are:
Raumanmeren tekojää, Pyynpäänkatu 27 (artificial ice)
Otanlahti, Urheilukatu 17
Lähdepelto, Kodisjoentie 91
Lappi, Kirkkotie 6
Uotila, Sippolankuja 2
Vähämaanpuisto, Kanavakatu
Pohjoiskehän koulu, Pohjoiskehä 14

The places to ski (check out its condition and the style here)
Lähdepelto 2,9 km
Talvialho in Lappi town 2,9 km
Pyytjärvi 3,5 km
the ski route on the golf area 3km (which actually has slides too)
The ski routes have lights on at Lähdepelto, Pyytjärvi and Lappi on workdays from 6 to 22 and weekends from 8 til 22 o’clock.

I doubt that foreigners are interested in swimming in an ice cold water, but the 3 saunas that provide such an opportunity are
1. Kisaranta sauna at Purjehtijankatu 2
2. Meriristi sauna at Varhontie 14
3. Narvijärvi Puusaun wooden sauna at Ruonantie 319 in Lappi

See the schedules here

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My favorite places to sledge down the hill is at the so called Lensu hill (near Viherkäine flower shop, if you drive towards the Äyhönjärvi lake).
The city’s official sledging hills are located in Pyytjärvi (the parking lot at Metsähdentie) and Lähdepello.

All of the sledge hills of Rauma (according to the kid’s events’ Facebook page ) are
1. There is a big hill next to Lensu’s old school. Parking space on Lensunkalliontie. (on my picture)
2. In Kappelinluhta at the intersection of Hirvitie and Luoteisväylä. No parking spaces.
3. Behind Suvitie street R-kiosk.
4. There is a small hill in the Paroalho playground.
5. There is a small hill in the middle of the Lajo apartment building area
6. There is a big and steep hill at Syvärauma.
7. There is a hill next to the Lotanpello playground (Nallepuisto) in Kappelinluhta
8. Slope next to Lonsi field- Nyberg Park
9. In the ruins of the old Rauma church towards Catherine’s Park
10. A small hill in Sinisaari Park

Please keep an eye on your children. Sometimes snow piles are only for a short time use before tractor comes to remove these. The driver might not see your kids in the snow. They may also drown in a soft hill.

Enjoy the free sports of this wonderful winter!