Rauma Lace Week 23-31.07.2022

Rauma lace week program has not been translated yet, but the most important day is the lace night on Friday.

The program can be seen in Finnish at https://www.pitsiviikko.fi/ohjelma/.

Throughout the event, every day from 10.00–18.00, the house owners of old Rauma open their yards for the public to see. About 30 yards. Some sell second-hand clothes and antiques.

The opening of the lace exhibition takes place on Sat 27th at Poselli at 11.30 o’clock.

The galleries of artists are open the whole week;  also Kerttu Horila opens the doors to her studio at Länsikatu 7 from 11-17!

A new art project – floating island, sponsored by Lönnström museum, can be seen from Fafanga beach at Otanlahti beach park.

And this was the first day, Saturday 27.7. Too much to go through and translate. Please use the magic button of Google Translate to read the rest of the program 😉

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