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Top Finnish companies

A friend of yours or a visitor asks to name some of the big Finnish companies.

Finnish Nokia

You are in trouble, are you? You know Fazer, Muumi and Marimekko, but these are just the brands you see as a consumer.

The biggest Finnish companies in terms of turnover. In billions of euros in 2020.

1Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy11, 15
2Neste Oyj7, 95
3Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta6, 625
4Kesko Oyj5, 78
5UPM Sales Oy5, 29
6Outokumpu Stainless Oy4, 05
7Neste Markkinointi Oy3, 05
8North European Oil Trade Oy2, 66
9Outokumpu Europe Oy2, 63
10YIT Suomi Oy2, 49

The biggest Finnish companies by the number of employees.

1Helsingin ja Uudenmaan Sairaanhoitopiirin kuntayhtymä (medical workers)26 536
2Helsingin Yliopisto (university)8 079
3Posti Oy7 777
4Attendo Oy (reqruitment company)7 413
5Kesko Oyj (retail)7 138
6Nordea Bank AB (publ), Finnish branch6 615
7SOL Palvelut Oy (cleaning business)6 569
8Nordea Bank Abp6 238
9HOK-Elanto Liiketoiminta Oy5 797
10Lidl Suomi Kommandiittiyhtiö5 668

See source here

Read about Hok-Elanto here

Finnish most valuable companies (value in billions of EUR according to 6/2020 data)

1. Kone (31,6)
2. Neste (27,0)
3. Nordea Bank (26,0)
4. Nokia (21,5)
5. Sampo (18,6)
6. Fortum (15,6)
7. UPM-Kymmene (14,1)
8. Stora Enso (9,2)
9. Elisa (8,7)
10. Orion (6,4)

The Finnish top 10 list has undergone interesting changes in a year (August 2020 compared to August 2019). In total, the combined market value of the ten largest companies had risen by 2.4 per cent. The largest value drivers were Orion (+ 47%), Elisa (+ 19%) and Kone (+ 16%). Respectively, Nokia (-21%), Fortum (-15%) and Sampo (-11%) had the biggest fall. (See source here)

And yes, you were right about Fazer. It was number 2. Marimekko was number 40 in top list of Finnish brands.

The TOP10 most respected brands in 2020 in Finland were:

  1. Fiskars (you know the scissors?)
  2. Fazer (chocolat)
  3. YLE (public tv)
  4. Hyvää Suomesta -merkki
  5. Joutsenmerkki
  6. ABLOY (keys)
  7. Arabia (dishes, old history)
  8. S-Etukortti (Prisma and other stores)
  9. Iittala (dishes)
  10. Avainlippu-merkki (the product has been manufactured, or the service has been produced, in Finland)

    See source here

    See more brands as you move right with the arrow here

    Hyvää Suomesta merkki means “made in Finland” sign on food products

Hyvää suomesta -merkin käyttö pakkauksissa, graafinen ohjeisto | Hyvää  Suomesta