Poroholma 5* camping area

Rauma used to be a well known spa town in the mid 1700ies and 1800ies. Rich people from Finland would come to drink the magic waters of the Kaivonpuisto spa. They would stay in one of the summer residents near the seaside or in the old town of Rauma.

Not much is left to remind us of the spa time, except the renovated “outdoor terrace” of the Kaivonpuisto park that is now located at the Poroholma seaside area (left on the picture).

Poroholma is a 5 star camping area built around an old summer resort from 1880ies. The seashore has moved kilometers away from where it used to be near the old town border.


Although a seaside town, Rauma is rather an industrial town. Spa industry would bring more tourists and activity to the town all year round.


There is a famous 3-day festival on the St John’s Day that brings along 35 thousand young people at the end of June.
Raumanmeren juhannus – info

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