Kirsti house museum

This is the most lovely house museum in the Old Rauma and it is open in summer only.
It has been in the ownership of the same family for 200 years until the city bought it in 1970ies .
Each room is decorated in a certain area- from 1920ies .. up to 1960ies.

You can see where a family of 4 lived in the same room and grandma in the back room (lace making equipment on a table).
You can see the room from 1920ies from when there was no electricity, but an oil lamp on the wall.
You can see the part of the house from 1960ies, where kitchen was modernized. The heating stove was thrown out to make space for the in- the- house- toilet. Kitchen had a running water and an electric stove. TV also came in the 60ies and had the central location in the room.

Some interesting facts from the past!
Electricity came in 1900, but first it was used at the town entities and later it was sold to the households.
Houses were connected to the city’s drinking and sewage water system in 1930ies.
First cars in Finland in 1900, but mainly used by rich Russian travelers or Swedish companies that transported their products through Finland to Russia. They had cattle as well til the 1950ies.
Television came in the early 1960ies.

Visit the website of Kirsti museum

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