Rauma port

Rauma is known as Finland’s largest export port for paper. The port area belongs to the town of Rauma, but it is operated by an international port operator Euroports.

The latter employees 550 people in Rauma.

Rauma port in a nutshell:

  • Finland’s largest paper exporting port
  • Western Finland’s largest container port
  • The most important articles: Chemical and mechanical forestry industrial products, containers, project transportation and bulk goods
  • Exports and imports of about 6 million tons
  • Channel depth 12 meters!

Vessel traffic in 2018 according to the port of Rauma:

In 2018, the total traffic at the Port of Rauma was 5.84 (-1.9 %) million tons and 263 000 TEU’s (-5.5 %):
– 4.14 million tons (-1.2 %) of export goods,
-1.60 million tons (-6.4 %) of import goods
-domestic traffic of 0.09 million tons

1 158 vessels visited the port in a year ( 9 vessels less than in 2017).

Positive increases in volumes in export could be seen especially in paper and general cargo. Approximately 1/3 of Finnish paper is exported via port of Rauma. Shipments of sawn goods were less than expected, thus halting a positive growth. The most significant growth in import was in round wood.  A decrease in the export of liquids and grain and in the import of oil products, general cargo and grain could be seen.

According to Tanja Angelova, the administrative director of Port of Rauma, the overall traffic volumes and container volumes have decreased a bit in 2018. Larger vessels have though been able to enter the port thanks to the deepening of the berth.

 “Even though we are behind in volumes compared to 2017, we do believe that we can increase the amounts again in 2019. We already have all the operating conditions for this,” she wrote in a press release.

“The completion of the expansion of the container terminal was the most significant event of the year 2018 together with the start of the construction of a new expansion area.”

An old picture of the harbor from 1890 lent from the internet site vanhatkuvat.fi.

Check here which vessels are at the deck right now

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